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E213: 6 Key Survival Skills Areas to Focus on Over More Gear

In this episode, we discuss survival skills people should be focusing on most. This is a back-to-basics episode good for new preppers and prodding old timers.

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There’s a topic that keeps coming up more and more in the conversations I have with friends that are survival industry professionals. People don’t get enough instruction and training. Instead, they go straight for gear and ignore what will actually keep them alive in a disaster: Skills.

So we’ll cover six basic survival skills areas every prepper should have locked down. You see, most of us tend to focus our prepper time and money on gear. And the hard truth is this: Skills will almost always be more valuable in a survival situation than gear. So most of us should be spending more our time and money on acquiring survival skills rather than increasing the size of our pile-o-prepper-shit.

Survival Skills Discussed:

  • Outdoor Skills
    • Why these skills are less important than most might think
    • Where to find them on the cheap
    • How to find instructors
    • Firemaking
    • Backpacking
    • Camping
  • Medical
    • First Aid, CPR, and AED
    • EMT Basic
    • Wilderness EMT Basic
  • Search & Rescue
  • Community
  • Communications, there is only one
  • Guns
    • Traditional
    • Tactical
    • Training on care and maintenance
  • Organizations and groups that are great for getting skills from
    • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
    • CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
    • Project Appleseed
    • NRA


Special Note:

A very important message: We’re coming up on summer. That means ITRH will go on summer break start May 1st. ITRH Will return for the next season August 7th, 2017. If you are new around here, ITRH Goes on summer break every year in May and Returns in August. During the summer we will drop a short episode every three or four weeks to wet your appetite and keep your feed live. We call these the ITRH Summer shorts. The show is not going away; we’re just taking a little summer break to recharge the batteries and work on our prepper projects.

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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