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Weatherman Surge Multi-tool

The Leatherman Surge

Weatherman Surge Multi-toolThe Leatherman Surge is the latest offering from Leatherman. Think of it as the higher functioning younge brother to the famous Leatherman New Wave (80s sold separately).

Important tool additions the Surge enjoys the New Wave lacked:

    • A saw
    • Improved shears
    • Electrical Crimper
    • Stranded-wire Cutter
    • A blade exchanger

The big advantage of the Surge is the blade changer. This frees you up to a world of options the Wave can’t.

Plus, the Surge comes in an optional tacticool black coating option.

From Leatherman:

The Leatherman Surge is one of our two largest multi-tools; a real powerhouse, built with our largest pliers, longest multi-tool blades and easy-to-use locks. A unique blade exchanger, replaceable 154CM wire cutters and four outside-opening blades give you quick access to the tools you use most. The Surge was built for tough jobs and the hands that do them.

Video Review of the Leatherman Surge

The Leatherman Surge is available from Amazon on Prime ready for you here now:

Leatherman Surge Pocket Multitool


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