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Peddling Through the Apocalypse?

Easy-Motion-Neo-Carbon-electric-bike-2Do bicycles have a place in preparedness?

While you ponder that question I should note: This week’s Friday Gear Report is going to be a little different. Typically we just tell you about something new we ran across. But today’s is going to quickly explore a question and show you something interesting we’ve run across.

Here’s the back story:

Not to long ago a friend asked for my thoughts on the idea of a bike as an alternate means of transportation in prepps. I hand’t even thought about it till that moment, to be honest.

But there are some valid points to be made:

  • They don’t require gas.
  • They’re silent.
  • You can get pretty far in a day on a bike.
  • There’s the whole physical fitness thing, obviously.

But bikes do burn calories. Which, in a grid down situation, calories could be as valuable as gas or any other form of energy.

These points were all made. And another friend chimed in about ebikes. (WTF is an ebike?)

Seems these ebikes are somewhere between electric car and bicycle. You get all the benefits of biking. But you also get the benefits of something else doing the work if you want it to.

Here’s a video from someone who reviews ebikes to tell you the daily what and why’s:

(Note: Yes, the person in this video is in Texas. No we don’t know them. Just a decent explanatory video on the topic.)

And that brings us today’s Friday Gear Report. But rather than a single thing, it’s about a line of ebikes.

After a little research, it seems Easy Motion is the most popular in terms of:

  • Price
  • Looks
  • Function
  • Value

A little a dealer, eBikes Unlimited, about Easy Motion ebikes:

Easy MotionEasy Motion has taken a position at the leading edge with offerings for road, mountain, hybrid, urban and folding categories. All offering the most bicycle-like electric experience.

Renowned in Europe and the pro peloton, BH designs, tests and builds bikes that balance all aspects of performance. Whether it is racing at the highest level or riding around the block each model is maximized for the rider’s intent.

This commitment to designing the best can be found in the Easy Motion lineup of electric bikes.

You can read more about ebikes here.

Tell us your thoughts below in the comments: Do bicycles have a place in the apocalypse?


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