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Friday Stuff 9-24-10

This Friday we are featuring a deck of survival cards perfect for quick life saving tips or a quick game of go fish on the go, and a fire steel knife combo.

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife

ToolLogic Firesteel KnifeThe native North American cube dweller survives in a habitat that rarely requires reliable access to fire. However, should he leave the protection of the office and enter into a more hostile environment, fire may quickly become a very valuable ally. It provides warmth, protection, light and companionship – not to mention it’s great for cooking hot dogs. The ToolLogic Firesteel Knife features a razor sharp blade and emergency signal whistle plus a premium magnesium alloy fire starter. The Swedish made Firesteel combined with a special notch on the blade delivers an intense shower of sparks at nearly 3000º. It will even spark when wet! At just 2.7 oz it’s perfect for a wide range of uses and it deserves a place in your backpack or emergency survival kit.

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife via

Survival Playing Cards

Some of you may remember during at the beginning of the Iraqi War when soldiers were given playing cards feature “most wanted” Iraqi Officials. A pretty interesting idea, entertain and educate the troops. is offer a similar product, but with survival information on playing cards.

Survival Playing Cards via

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