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Friday Stuff 9-17-10

This week we bring you two great gadgets. Meet the Secret Agent lighter from and the French Press Tumbler from TSP Gear Shop.

James Dean meets James Bond

Metallic Lighter Secret Agent SpycamSpies and rebels have always been cool but here’s a little device that brings them both together. This classic, flip-open lighter is also a secret video camera and flash drive. Sure, we’ve had lighters like this before but this is the first that’s capable of recording quality video (up to 1280×960). It also comes with 4GB of ample storage. The camera is located on the bottom of the lighter. To record video, push the on-off button. A small blue light will come on while the camera initializes. When the light turns red, you’re ready to record. Just push the button a second time. The indicator light will go off after the first five seconds in order to save battery power. To retrieve recorded video, just connect the included USB cable to your computer. You can also overlay the date-time on your videos by saving a simple text file to the device. Remember, it’s also a flash drive too. When connected it should mount just like any other flash drive. The lighter case has a smooth, brushed metallic surface and an adjustable flame.

Metallic Lighter Secret Agent Spycam
available through

TSP French Press Tumblers

I have used a French Press for camping for a long time. They provide a far superior cup of coffee to instant or percolators. Like many things, products that are good for camping are also great for situations when the power goes out. The last big hurricane I got to find out just how handy it is to have a French Press around. Making a cup of coffee was as easy as pulling mine out of my camping gear, boiling some water, and throwing the grounds in.

A few months back The Survival Podcast Gear Shop released an official TSP French Press Tumbler. How great is that! A mug and a French Press all in one.

  • Handle not removable.
  • Holds 2 full cups of coffee, plus 2 more mug-fulls of coffee grounds in the compartment
  • Works GREAT for tea as well as coffee
  • Plunger unscrews for ease of cleaning.
  • Not microwave-safe.
  • Hand-wash only.
  • Double-wall insulated.
  • Made of 18-8 stainless steel and plastic, with a black enamel coat.

TSP French Press Tumbler available via the TSP Gear Shop (it’s at the bottom of their page).

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