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Friday “Stuff” 11-05-10

This friday we bring you the CountyComm Titaium Spoon/Fork/Knife and Survival Mini Candle Lantern.

CountyCom Titanium Super Fork


CountyComm Super Fork
CountyComm Super Fork, Spoon, Fork, Knife Combo.

Sure you have seen them in plastic, but have you seen a Spoon/Fork/Knife all in one in Titanium? CountryComm recently introduced a twist on a handy tool that has been poping up in stores for the last couple of years.

From the Manufacturer:

We have seen Sporks before, but the Titanium Super Spork has a whole new twist. It is a knife, spoon and fork all in one with artistic flair. The serrated knife really cuts. These Sporks are perfect for your backpack, boat, picnic basket, lunchbox, purse or briefcase.

Our in-house testers have found the “Super Spork” to be superior to others tested particularly with noodles. “The Spoon end plowed through severely frozen Ice Cream without making our hands cold”. “The knife edge worked great for spreading jam on crackers in the middle of our day hike for that little extra energy”.”We also loved the price. It’s affordable and if it’s lost, I won’t cry” “This isn’t the Colonel’s Spork”.

Available direct via CountyComm

Survival Mini Candle Lantern


Emergency Mini Lantern
CountyComm Emergency Mini Lantern

When the power goes out candles can be a convenient way to light a room or workspace. The biggest problem with candles, though, is the danger of accidentally knocking one over and starting a fire. This makes for an already bad situation getting worse quickly. These handy little lanterns keep your candle flame contained and amplify the light they give off.

From the Manufacturer:

We were impressed when we first saw this little candle lantern. We liked the quality of construction and the fact that it uses common “tealight” candles that are available everywhere and burn 3-4 hours at a very low cost.

These compact lantern are also perfect for home and patio use, or anytime you need a portable or emergency light source. Manufactured in the U.S. primarily of aluminum, glass and stainless, these lanterns are both rust-proof and wind-proof.

Available direct via CountyComm

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