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Rokon Trail-Breaker: Ultimate Survival Motorcycle

Meet the Rokon Trail-Breaker, a 2-wheel drive motorcycle that will go places you may not even want to go yourself.

With high ground clearance (15 in) and wide tractor type tires, the Rokon will happily climb rocky terrain or swim through knee deep water.

Weighing in at only 218lbs, and because of the tire width, the Rokon leaves a track lighter than a man’s footprint. This makes it a favorite of many forestry services.

One of the more unique features of these bikes are the hollow 12-inch aluminum drum wheels. The drum can be used to store up to 2.5 gallons of fuel or water in each wheel. When left empty, they give the Trail-breaker enough buoyancy that it floats.

Rokons aren’t the fastest thing on two wheels topping out at 40mph. But they will definitely get you to your destination regardless of conditions…

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