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Barker River’s Firesteels

Bark River FiresteelI’ve bought some foolish things; I fully admit to it. Usually their beauty was matched by exceptional function. But sometimes, you just want something because it is pretty even thought a much less costly version exists that will perform just the same (we are still talking about gear here right?)

Not to long ago I stumbled upon Barker River’s Firesteels. It didn’t matter that I had more $15 firesteels stashed in more kits and jacket pockets than I could remember, I really wanted one–just because it was pretty.

They come in a plethora of handle options from exotic woods, Micarta, or G10. Some, for the truly fancy, even come with liners…

So, if you really want to impress/confound your friends with the fact that you paid $50 for a firesteel, or if you are looking for a very unique gift for that survivalist who has everything, here are the supper hot babes of firesteels…

You can find a full line of Barker River Firesteels at KnivesShipFree

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