Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss starting, building, and growing a business.

There’s been much to-do recently about small businesses. Children’s lemonade stands have become a big symbol of that sentiment, in particular.

But what does it really take to open a business? How do we avoid the common pitfalls that lead to failure in business? …And what does it really¬†mean to be in business for yourself?

But most importantly, how do we get to go fishing in the middle of the week–every week!?

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Join us as we share our experiences, thoughts, and clear a path for your liberty…


  • Getting a business funded by “Family, Friends, and Fools”
  • Focussing on the customer with more than lip service.
  • Your product: What it is and isn’t.
  • Marketing: The secret sauce you forgot.
  • Automation, Operations, and cost savings.
  • Misconceptions and hard truths about being self-employed.
  • Employees and herding cats.
  • Working for your own benefit and benefiting others.
  • Giving vs Giving Back and why it’s important to understand the difference.
  • Dictating your own liberty.