//E246: Is Arming Teachers The Answer To School Shootings

E246: Is Arming Teachers The Answer To School Shootings

Episode 246: Arming TeachersWe discuss whether or not arming teachers with guns is the best answer to stopping school shootings. The question is more complex than it appears. And, so is the answer.

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Arming Teachers Topics Discussed:

  • Why Samuel L Jackson should stick to what he knows
  • The red herring argument against arming teachers
  • How many teachers would really be up for arming teachers
  • Who’s going to pay for training and ammunition
  • What if a teacher leaves a gun where it’s accessible to students
  • How do we handle teacher liability in an accidental shooting¬†incident
  • Developing intelligent ways of disarming the mentally¬†disturbed and incompetent
  • Employing less lethal ways to deter and defend schools from mass shooters
  • All the ways we protect things with guns, so why not the kids
  • Why complex problems cannot be solved with singular solutions

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In his free time, Aaron enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.


  1. Mal March 17, 2018 at 9:32 am - Reply

    It took me a few days to get the nerve to listen to this episode. I live in Maryland, I’m surrounded by hard leftists/anti-gunners. My wife is a teacher and is horrified at the idea of teacher’s with guns. She is adamantly against my getting an AR-15 because, well, no one /needs/ an AR-15. She is barely tolerant of my other firearms. Her family (many of whom are also teachers) is far less so. I’m generally just beat down.

    I did listen to this podcast, eventually, and I can’t disagree with anything.

    I do think that semantics matters, though. “Arming Teachers” is probably not the best way to put it as it implies an obligation to the teachers to arm up. And putting that obligation on someone who specifically chose what I guess could be considered a nurturing career instead of more combative law enforcement or military career would naturally cause a certain amount of blow back.

    I think perhaps instead of using “arming teachers,” a very affirmative call to action, the wording was changed to something along the lines of “permitting teachers to arm themselves for the protection of our students”, the more passive terminology would reduce the implied obligation, and perhaps even shaming of the more fearful and cowardly of our public servants.

    Of course, from my point of view when parents give their children to the care of the state for the day, the state becomes the temporary legal guardians and assumes the responsibility for their safety as well as their education. But let’s start with baby steps.

    I think from a survivalist/prepper perspective, a school shooting is a legitimate SHTF scenario. Instead of training all of our youngsters (and their guardians) to hide in a corner and shelter in place, perhaps we should start training them (at least at the high school, and maybe middle school levels) in some active defense. I’m not an expert on these things; but if you have a couple teachers/kids on either side of a classroom door ready to pounce if a shooter walks in, I would think survivability would increase over just huddling together in a dark corner. People better knowledgeable about these things than me could probably recommend some simple things to drill the kids with. Let’s stop turning them all into cowering cowards, and start teaching them to take responsibility for their own survival. It might save some lives. And, maybe more importantly, it might just change some sheepish mindsets.

  2. Mike Ross April 8, 2018 at 8:20 am - Reply

    You don’t want Dave Grossman, he won’t come on the show because he can’t defend the ridiculous things he says.



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