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E245: Open Source Intelligence Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

E245 Open Source Intelligence Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Michael Bazzel drops in to discuss Open Source Intelligence. He shares with some extremely creepy things people can find out about you from the internet. And we’ll discuss how to cleans them.

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Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT as it is often referred to, is anything information openly obtainable. Now, this doesn’t sound very sexy. But this might be because you haven’t heard just how much personal information about you can be pulled off the internet.

It’s downright creepy and terrifying in some cases!

Imagine using deadly force to defend your life. Then, after, by the time you get home, the media is camped out on your lawn and won’t go away.

And image someone wanted to track you, your spouse, or even your children down. Everything they need to know to plan and execute something bad may be already floating in cyberspace without you knowing. Are you so sure you’re safe?

We’ll cover what’s out there and what you can do about it in this episode…

Open Source Intelligence Topics Discussed:

  • What is Open Source Intelligence?
  • How is it different than say a general searching on the internet?
  • Why should us normal people care?
  • When we say sensitive details, how sensitive are we talking?
  • Why do the upfront work and not just take care of cleansing the web if something comes up?
  • What can we do to protect ourselves from people using OSINT offensively on us?
  • Can you remove all personal information from the internet?
  • What skills are required and how hard is this for the everyday person with a job, kids, dog, and zombie platypus apocalypse to plan for?
  • Can you use this vulnerability of personal information to an advantage and say do offensive research?

OSINT Episode Resources:

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