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E243: How to Prepare Your SHTF Dog for Catastrophe

Episode 243 - Prep For Your SHTF Dog

Jill Powell of Remanent Canine 360 drops back by to share with how to take care of your SHTF Dog should the world go mad. You learn all about seldom discussed food storage and medicine for dogs.

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Your SHTF dog could be one of your top assets in a world gone off the rails. Their senses are way better than ours for finding and warning you about a danger. Many will fight to the death to protect you and your family. And, let’s face it, they’re more loyal than anyone in your prepper group.

Preppers spend endless hours and dollars putting things away for themselves. And we’ve discussed training your prepper SHTF Dog to be an asset in the past.

But what about storing food and medicine for them?

Our lack of preparation for them could turn an asset into a liability. So let’s dive into our companion’s needs a bit more to ensure they’re survival too.

Storing Food and Medicine for SHTF Dog Topics:

  • The crazy truth about storing dog food in the original bag
  • How long does dog food stay good for when properly put way
  • The best way to store dog food for short and long-term use
    • Dry Kibble
    • Canned Food
  • Their three most common first-aid needs
  • Basic medical supplies to pack away for your best friend and personal protection dog
  • Alternative medicine and first aid items for your SHTF dog
  • Other items to consider for your dog’s BOB

Top 10 Items Preparing for an Emergency and Plan for Your Pet

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Medications
  4. Proof of Ownership
  5. Proof of Vaccinations
  6. Emergency Help List
  7. Leashes/Pet Carriers
  8. ID Tags (Microchipped and Collars)
  9. Dog First Aid Kit
  10. Creature Comforts (Blankets, Pet Bed, Toy)
  11. Pet Inside Sticker for Emergencies within your home such as a fire, etc.

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