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E236: How to Train a Dog for Disasters Big and Small

We sit down with Jill from Remnant Canine 360 to discuss how to train a dog to be a survival asset.

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Training a dog to be a valuable component of your survival tools doesn’t get enough attention by most preppers. In fact, man’s best friend gets very little attention in the community. And that’s odd.

Mans’ best friend has a long and storied history. Some say our friendship goes back 30,000 years.

And estimates place K9 ownership in the United States at 78 million. And it’s estimated 36.5% of US homes have at least one dog. So you think the topic of how to train a dog would be a more frequent topic amongst preppers.

But only a small fraction of survival podcast episodes and blog posts are dedicated to our furry buddies. (We’re culprits of this oversight too, to be fair.)

Perhaps the problem is thinking we need to turn them into full blow military working dogs. This is a long process with heaps of specialized knowledge needed and is time-consuming.

The reality is this: Most of us just want something between Cujo and Mr. Buttons the spoiled pet.

In this episode, we discuss making this happen.

How to Train a Dog And Turn Them Into a Survival Asset Topics Discussed:

  • How Jill became a prepper
  • When she realized how valuable a dog could be in a survival situation
  • What patrol training is
  • Training a dog for scent detection and alert
  • Teaching your furry friend appropriate levels of aggression
  • The best dog breeds for survivalists
  • The worst dog breeds for survivalists
  • When small dogs can be an unexpected survival hero
  • How long does dog training take for the animal to become useful
  • Appropriate ages for different times of training
  • Where obedience training fits in
  • The time investment needed
  • How online dog training classes differ from in-person classes

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