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E223: How To Hack the Robot Revolution and Thrive

The Automation Robot Revolution

Financial prognosticator John Pugliano drops by to warn us of the robot revolution and Skynet taking your job. And, he’ll offer advice on how to be the John Connor of your financial future.

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Automation is quickly becoming the new boogie man in the media. This isn’t without good reason: the robot revolution is on, and many are killing off steadfast old jobs. Most often, we hear about this in

Most often, we hear about this in fast-food chains like McDonald’s. And its rise is wrongly attributed to minimum wage hikes. These robots were coming regardless or raising the minimum wage, truth be told.

These robots were coming regardless or raising the minimum wage, truth be told. Employees have always been the number one liability and expense any business has. Robots, on the other hand, do not complain, call in “sick” (aka hungover), or do any number of other things employers and managers grind their teeth over. Not to say all employees do this, but it is a daily issue.

The robots are coming. And this raises a few questions:

Will the robots free us or destroy civilization?

Which jobs will survive?

How will be the real winners and who will be the big losers in the coming wave of robot automation in the workplace?

Tune in to find out…

Robot Revolution and Automation Topics Discussed:

  • BitCoin and Crypto Currency Futures
  • Historical examples of automation
  • Creative destruction
  • Luddites of days gone by and present times
  • Entrepreneurial thinking that may save you
  • The Gold and Silver outlook you might not expect to hear
  • The likely hood of a welfare state and Universal Basic Income
  • Why John believes the future is bright for entrepreneurs


In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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