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E222: The Story of a Daughter’s Survival in a Harsh World

What's Left of My World Interview

In this episode, We sit down with author CA Rudolph to discuss his book series What’s Left of My World, his writing process, and survival lessons for Dads.

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What would it take to raise a strong female prepper? Two out of three hosts of ITRH struggle with this. The third just hasn’t made any little preppers yet. So this is an important question for us, as of late.

But this also speaks to a big piece of our community who tend to be under-represented. Women are a minority in prepper circles.

Perhaps men are wired to worry more about proactive survival measures. Maybe most of the personalities and information available just doesn’t speak to them. Yet, figuring this out and including more women in preparedness is very important.

Whatever the reasons, the first step is for Dad’s and Mom’s to take an active role in raising female preppers. So maybe more prepper fiction with strong female prepper character is a way to do something about this. And CA Rudolph’s part in this is What’s Left of My World. So let’s find out more about…

CA Rudolph Shares What’s Left of My World:

  • The inspiration for What’s Left of My World
  • Crafting bad guys to make you think
  • Authors who inspired him
  • When fiction becomes nonfiction and the implications
  • His favorite non-prepper books
  • His favorite prepper fiction books
  • How he came to be a prepper/survivalist and backpacker
  • The plot of What’s Left of My World
  • Why he wrote it
  • Why the lead character in his book is a young woman
  • The deeper meaning contained  in What’s Left of My World
  • His biggest prepper pet peeve (you’ll probably strongly agree)
  • Other prepper books he hates
  • His go to rifle
  • Rudolph’s most important piece of prepper gear
  • The Prepper Dad’s struggle

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In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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