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E203: Survival Gear Reviews, Thoughts, and 2017

E203: Survival Gear Reviews, Thoughts, and 2017

In this episode, you and Aaron sit down together for the annual survival gear reviews show. He’ll share his thoughts on guns, holsters, and tools. And you’ll hear about survival skills for 2017 and new things around ITRH.

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Every year, ITRH does a gear review show. It’s nothing formal. We just cover all the things we’ve purchased, tried out, love, like, dislike, and hate from the last year.

These are all items we’ve personally purchased and used. And that’s how the reviews are conducted; we don’t put gear through a formal process. You’ll hear our thoughts based on normal use. This is real world use you might experience at home.

Sometimes, we do follow-up reviews of gear from the past years. These are items brought back up because something changed our mind: product failure, product success, poor company support, or great company support.

But before we get into the toys there are some thoughts on the rioters at the inauguration. Riots seem to happen more and more often in the last decade. And we’ve covered riots in the past. But these rioters are fakes giving true Anarchists a bad name.

Survival Gear Reviews and Other Topics:

  • Rioters and damn fools
  • Survival gear reviews
  • Gun reviews
  • Holsters
  • Training aids for shooters
  • Hearing protection
  • SWAG coming to ITRH
  • Gear coming to ITRH
  • ITRH videos
  • 2017 Skills planned
  • …and more

Items Discussed and Resources

Note: Only things with a positive review from this episode are listed and linked to below.

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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