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E202: Revolvers for Survival and EDC

In this episode, we sit down with Justin Carroll to discuss revolvers for survival and EDC. Listeners know Justin from Prepper Opsec. But he also has a passion for revolvers, as it turns out. And in this episode, he shares his journey into the world of revolvers.

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Revolvers are a common topic of debate for preppers…

Fans often swear by them. They make claims of revolvers having superior reliability over semi-autos.  Then there is the ammo interchangeability with some rifles and the ability of some revolvers to accept several different cartridges of the same caliber. There is also the fact that some revolver cartridges, like the .357, offer a wider range of powered charges allowing for greater flexibility as a hunting round.

But there is the other side of the fence: Detractors. Typically, this category appreciates revolvers but see modern semi-auto pistols as having more advantages: Higher capacity, easier reloading, greater reloading speeds. The semi-auto camp also raise their eyebrows at the claim of greater reliability.

So who’s right?

Like all things in survival and guns, the answer is this: It depends.

Revolvers for Survival and EDC Topics Discussed:

  • Why Justin sold all his semi-auto pistols and went all wheel gun all the time
  • Revolvers as an option in restrictive states
  • What postal operator fundamentals translate between semi-auto and revolvers
  • The delicacy of revolver innards
  • The reality of how reliable revolvers actually are
  • Why J Frame Revolvers suck for new shooters and first-time revolver owners
  • What are the best revolvers for new shooters
  • The Best revolver for EDC
  • Double action in revolvers vs single action revolvers
  • Is a bobbed hammer safer
  • How to train to reload revolvers quickly and in defensive situations
  • The downside of speedloaders and revolvers for EDC
  • Using Speed strips
  • The downsides of revolvers
    • Ammo capacity
    • Slow reloading
    • concealability and comfort
  • Advantages of Revolvers
    • Interchangeability of ammo
    • field gun


In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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