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E188: How to Make Mead and Friends

In this episode, we sit down with Michael Jordan of A Bee Friendly Company. Usually, Michael tells us all about beekeeping. But instead, we’re going to talk about how to make mead and other mead making topics.

Mead making and home brewing are big topics with preppers. We are all about self-reliance and self-sufficiency, after all. And brewing your own brew is a fun way to practice these principles. (Plus, in a grid-down senario mead may be a huge barter item.)

There’s also the aspect of doing everything you can to reduce your personal tax burden; when you make it yourself you reduce the taxes. And the more of the ingredients you produce on your own the further you reduce these extraneous financial burdens.

How to make mead is considerably easier compared to home beer brewing, as it turns out. There is less equipment and materials needed. In fact, the upfront cost of producing mead is insanely cheap. And mead production might just be less temperamental to boot.

So join us as we explore all the goodness that is mead making with your buddy Michael Jordan.

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How to Make Mead Episode Topics:

  • What Michael Jordan, the Bee Whisperer, been up to
  • The basics of what mead is
  • What is the history of mead making
  • How is mead making different from brewing beer
  • What is the process of making homemade mead
  • What are the ingredients used to brew mead
  • Is mead hard to make at home
  • What equipment is needed to make mead
  • How long does it take to brew mead
  • How long does mead keep

Mead Making Episode Resources:

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