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E180: Author David Kershner – Foreign & Domestic

In this episode, we sit down with author David Kershner. He’s going to tell us about his book series, how he came to writing, and a glimpse into how a global cascading civilization failure might happen.

We often say it’s going to be a black swan event that does us in. But, as is the nature of black swan events, they’re hard to see and in turn discuss.

EMPs, Civil Unrest, Solar Flares, Asteroids, and Government: These are the easy prepper scenarios to wrap our minds around. And they get a bit boring to hash and rehash.

So when someone shows up with a well thought out possible future disaster, we’re all ears. And you will be too after you meet author Dave Kershner in this episode:

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David Kershner and Foreign & Domestic Topics:

  • Who is author Dave Kershner?
  • What’s his writing process like?
  • What would life look like in a farming and food collapse?
  • How could a food failure cause an economic collapse?
  • How a food AND economic collapse could lead to a socio-political collapse?
  • What do an EMP and a food collapse have to do with one another?
  • How the heck does he keep all the moving parts of a story straight?
  • What’s his go-to rifle?
  • What’s his go-to zombie apocalypse comfort food?
  • What apocalyptic scenario keeps Dave up at night?
  • What does the future hold for Dave’s books?

Episode Resources:

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