//E162: Understanding Food and Water for Camping (and Bugging Out)

E162: Understanding Food and Water for Camping (and Bugging Out)

In this episode we welcome back Marshall of GoingGear. He’s going to share with us all the ins, outs, and what-the-hecks about water filters for camping and bugout bags. We’re also going to dive into food and stoves for camping. Plus, a special bonus.

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  • What are the different types of camping water filters?
  • How effective are water purification tables?
  • Hollow tube filters vs ceramic filters, which is best?
  • Do UV (ultraviolet) filters actually work?
  • Active carbon filters, the end all be all?
  • Do the chemical water purification tablets really work?
  • Do you have to worry about viruses in the water when choosing a filter?
  • What is the real lifetime of a water filter?
  • White gas vs Kerosene camping stoves.
  • How effective are alcohol stoves?
  • How well do chemical tab stoves work?
  • What’s the best food option for backpacking?
  • What camping food DYI options are there?


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One Comment

  1. Brian March 21, 2016 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    When preparing freeze dried meals like Mountain House, I always bring a packet of the Idahoan Instant Potatoes to mix into the bag just in case it ends up too soupy for my taste. If its a little to watery, the instant potatoes will soak up the extra water and add a little flavor to the meal.

    I’m partial to the 6 cheese flavor.

    Thanks for the show, keep up the good work.


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