In this episode we go back in time to hear an ITRH classic: Prepper Spring Cleaning — time to organize and maybe rethinking your prepps. Hard to believe this episode was 99 episodes ago.

As preppers, we are often in procurement mode. And we fail to go back and organize all the gear, food, and other stored preps.

So a long time ago we established we we like to call “Prepper Spring Cleaning”. It’s an annual practice of reviewing and organizing our piles-of-prepper-shit.

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Episode Topics:

  • Replacing survival gear with survival skills
  • Bugout Bags
  • EDC Bags
  • Emergency Kits
  • Checking smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Checking batteries
  • Getting organized
  • Making check lists
  • Bugout bag spreadsheets
  • …and more.


Special Note:

The ITRH forum has been closed down. After careful review a few issues arose:

  1. SPAMMERS were constantly assaulting the forum
  2. Admins had become busy and there wasn’t anyone to maintain the forum.

We may in the future create a public ITRH Facebook Group. But this will only be if there is enough demand by listeners.