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E142: Rainwater Harvesting, Purification, and Sanitation

Rainwater Harvesting

In this episode, we sit down with Trenton Kaminski, an expert on rainwater harvesting. His YouTube channel on building your rainwater harvesting and purification system is a must for anyone who wants to set up their system. Trenton shares with us his rainwater system goes into details on the parts and processes he’s used and why he’s used them, and busts the myth rainwater harvesting and purification system are expensive.

In a special second segment, Mark Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. joins us for a discussion on the difference between purification and sanitization. He also educates us on the differences and practical applications of mechanical and chemical purification processes.

Rainwater collection seems simple enough–until you start diving into the topic. You quickly realize it’s not as simple as catching and storing rainwater. There’s a lot to consider: rainwater harvesting, filtration, purification, sanitation, and storage.

But today’s guests break it all down for you and make a BIG topic approachable.

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So join us as we discuss these topics in Rainwater Harvesting:

Trenton Kaminski

  • Why Trenton built such an extensive rainwater system.
  • How much water you need to run your entire home on rainwater.
  • How much research it took to build this system.
  • How long it would take you to set up a rainwater system for your home.
  • How safe rainwater is and what Trenton’s lab tests showed.
  • Surprising life lessons in building a business and being an entrepreneur
  • Things to consider when starting to build a rainwater system.
  • The total cost of a rainwater system like Trenton’s.
  • How many people it takes to build a rainwater collection system like Trenton’s.
  • How to choose the right IBC Totes for a rainwater collection system.
  • How to tell if IBC totes have been used to transport chemicals.
  • How to get the water tested and the truth about the water you’re already consuming.
  • How to cover the IBC tanks and keep algae from growing.
  • What’s the best type of IBC connector to look for
  • What’s the right size of IBC and connection to go with
  • How much filtration do you need in a rainwater collection system
  • The filters he recommends and uses.
  • Do you need a UV light and where you should put it
  • Why you should have more than one filter in your system.
  • Why Trenton uses both a ceramic filter and a UV light in his system.
  • How to decide if you need a UV sterilization system.
  • How to properly use a UV sterilization system.
  • How to build redundancy into your purification system.
  • What is a first flush and how do you build one.
  • How big should a first flush be
  • Solar Powered Pumping system.
  • What is an Earthship

Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen Ph.D.

  • The difference between purification and sanitization of water.
  • Mechanical vs. Chemical water purification, sanitation, and treatment.
  • Chemical or mechanical: which process should you use and why.
  • Different ways to purify water
  • Two types of mechanical filters you can use.
  • What is activated charcoal
  • How to build an emergency charcoal water filter
  • Mark’s upcoming book on foraging.

Resouces from the Rainwater Episode

Trenton Kaminski

Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen Ph.D.

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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