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E141: Glen Tate on How to Choose a Bugout Location

In this episode, we sit down with Glen Tate for an in-depth conversation about how to choose a bug out location. This episode is full of great information, things to consider, and laughs.

Bug out locations (aka BOLs) are something most preppers and survivalists dream of owning. But the topic isn’t simple: There are tons of things to considered. And there are tons of things that can turn a BOL into a nightmare to know.

So join us as we discuss how Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days book series, himself went about choosing the best bug out location.

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Bug Out Location Topics Discussed:

  • How he chose the BOL in 299 is to Glen’s real BOL story
  • Rural and semi-rural bug out location
  • Travel time and distance considerations
  • Practical nonmilllion dollar solutions to owning a BOL
  • Isolated cabin in the mountains vs. a cabin in a small community
  • The value of people in an SHTF scenario
  • The danger of people in an SHTF scenario
  • Thinking through strategies and tactics of defense about a BOL
  • Resource considerations in your BOL area that are not necessarily on your land.
  • Acceptable levels of flaws in your plans and location
  • Understand and dealing with trade-offs
  • How to tell if you may be in a community of preppers and self-sufficient types
  • Water considerations
  • Vacation homes vs. permanent resident community
  • Thinking through what you’re going to do, realistically, before things go south
  • Strategies for convincing loved one’s a BOL is a good idea
  • How to get to know your neighbors when you’re not there all the time.
  • The things that make us want a BOL and when that happened for Glen.
  • Balancing morality and practicality during a collapse
  • More on the economy
  • Teaming up with another family or families to split the cost of rural land
  • What Glen Tate sees in current events for telltale signs of economic distress

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