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E140: Spy Craft and Executive Protection Tactics Every Prepper Should Know

In this episode, we’re joined by James Price. We sit down to discuss the three things every prepper should know, but probably hasn’t even thought of.

You see there’s a lesson James taught us a while back: If the situation turns to violence you’ve lost.

So who do you keep a situation from turning to violence and flip adversaries to your side?

And if a situation spirals out of our control into violence, how do we protect our kids and loved ones like pro-executive protection contractor?

Listen and find out here:

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Persuasion as a Survival Tool Topics

  • What every good spy knows and how you can learn it for next to nothing
  • What is spy trade craft.
  • The reality of hostile situations
  • Improvisational comedy for the zombie apocalypse and road blocks
  • Picking up zombie strippers
  • How learning these skills improved all aspects of James life and saved it too
  • Human hacking
  • Dealing with without the rule of law situations
  • Get yourself out of bad situations and turn them into good situations
  • How to talk someone dumb
  • Deceit detection and learn when you’re being lied to (it may save your life)
  • Verbal Aggressiveness
  • Verbal Judo
  • James takes us to his parents’ house
  • Where one-handed pistol shooting comes into play
  • Why James loves failure
  • The importance of physical maps in kits
  • Protecting kids during an active shooter situation
  • Executive protection

Resources from this Episode


NOTE: Google the city or town you live in + Improv Comedy to find a local group you can join or take classes from



Develop Presence

  • Toastmasters – The best way to learn public speaking and to horn your speaking presence
  • Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are – Great video on how to be aware of what your body language projects. You can also use this video to teach yourself how to mock-project body language to make people (bad guys) think you are feeling one way when you are feeling a completely different way (like acting nervous or scared when you are about to attack).


In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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