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E138: Raising Beef Cattle through Micro-Ranching

In this episode, we discuss micro-ranching. And to show just how easy it is, we bring on an LA surfer boy turned Texas micro-rancher. He got his start without even owning any land

Today Scooter shares his story and how you to can get into micro-ranching. You’ll be blown away by what you learn if you’ve ever thought it was to complicated. It turns out, micro-ranching is a lot easier than one would think.

In a nutshell, micro-ranching is just raising a few head of cattle. Along the way, you learn the ropes of what it takes to care for these animals, the financial ins, and outs, along with understanding where your food comes from first-hand.

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Micro-Ranching and Farming Topics Discussed:

  • How survivability and sustainability go hand in hand
  • Micro-ranching with little
  • How to get started
  • How to do it with no land
  • The financial side of things
  • Crazy sustainability and self-sufficiency stories from Angola Prison
  • How to correctly name a goat
  • The over under on Jason injuring himself with cows

Resources from this episode:

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