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E123: Bad Preppers

In this episode, hosts Aaron and Jason discuss being a bad prepper. Or more appropriately stated, the dangers of being a disorganized prepper.

Let’s face it: Organization isn’t sexy.

But being disorganized can be disastrous for a prepper. So today Jason reveals a recent revelation that explains why this can be your downfall. And Aaron and Jason discuss how to over come this.

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Bad Prepper Topics Discussed:

  • Limited time ITRH eBook giveaway announcement
  • Remaining Season 4 schedule and other important announcements.
  • Creating a preparedness inventory
  • Using calendars to keep track of your preps and their expiration dates.
  • How long do batteries last?
  • Find shortfalls in your preparations.
  • Developing a communications plan
  • Survival skills planning
  • Survival gear planning and priorities
  • EDC Bags and Car Get Home Bags

Resources from this episode:

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