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E121: Urban Chicken Farming

In this episode, Aaron is joined by Jen Pitino of the Urban Chicken Podcast. She shares with us the pleasures of rubbing down chickens with silk scarves and all things urban chicken.

Few things in urban survival become as complicated as keeping chickens in the city. It raises a lot of questions. Questions like: How do I deal with pesky neighbors and city ordinances? What is the best eating chicken? Does your chicken need a spa day?

These questions and a lot more answered.

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So join us as we discuss…

Urban Chicken Farming Episode Topics:

  • Growing up in the John Birch Society
  • Geiger Counters
  • The challenges of being an urban chicken farmer
  • How to overcome the trials and tribulations every budding urban homesteader faces with chickens.
  • Given chickens a spa day (complete with mani-pedi)
  • Why you would give full body rubdowns and silk scarves to chickens
  • Starting a chicken egg business
  • What impact chicken feed has on chicken eggs and production
  • Why you shouldn’t bird seed to chickens
  • The best chicken breeds for urban farmers
  • What is the right chicken coup for urban homesteaders
  • Do chickens need friends and how social are they?
  • The best eating chicken in the world
  • Experiments and gadgets for keeping roosters from crowing
  • Chicken gang issues?
  • A libertarian rant (Because we love those)
  • The State of the Right to Farm Act
  • Hipster Chickens with handlebar mustaches and fixed gear bikes
  • And, as always, a whole lot more.

Check out The Urban Chicken Podcast:

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