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E119: Ebola – Survival & Preparedness with The Survival DR

In this episode, Aaron interviews The Survival Doctor, Dr. James Hubbard, on all things Ebola Virus. It’s a no nonsense, no paranoia, no conspiracy theory, particle information conversation.

Ebola seems to be everywhere in the news. But is it really “the big one” everyone fears? And what can we do about it? What is the worst case scenario of an outbreak?

The simple truth is there are some… well… simple things you can do to prepare. But the first and biggest step is to take a deep breath. It is scary. However, we first need to get past the hype. Then we can get into the truth about Ebola, and it’s potential impact on YOU.

Your burning questions answered and your Ebola survival guide to rational preparedness here.

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So join us as we discuss these Ebola topics:

  • What would you need to prepare of an Ebola outbreak in the USA
  • The difference between contagious and infectious
  • The reality of Ebola becoming airborne
  • How easily does Ebola spread
  • Simple ways to safeguard yourself
  • Individual factors that help and hurt a person’s chances of surviving an Ebola infection
  • The difference between aerosolized particles and droplets
  • How long the virus lives outside the body
  • Ebola treatments beyond experimental antivirals
  • What kills the virus
  • What disinfects surfaces and clothes
  • Disposing of dead bodies infected with Ebola
  • Why news reports are all over the map when it comes to the lethality and statistics on the Ebola Virus

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