In this episode, you’ll hear about seven realities of surviving on the move as a mobile team. Host’s Aaron and Jason welcome back James Price of Death Valley Magazine training. James shares his lessons from decades of working as a security contractor in third world hellholes.

Over the 2014 summer break, Jason and Aaron got a chance to spend a weekend training with James. The experience was nothing short of awesome. A lot of lessons were learned, new friends made, and new perspectives gained.

Special note: The school referenced in this episode no longer exists.

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Join us as we discuss…

Episode Topics:

  • Why James calls Aaron a murderer
  • What is DVM Mobile Scout School
  • Force on Force exercises
  • Surviving checkpoints
  • The reality of using Airsoft weapon facsimiles as training aids
  • What survival items should go in a vehicle bag
  • The reality of surviving on the move in a vehicle
  • Short barreled rifle (SBR): fun toy or indispensable weapon for surviving on the move