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Zero Tolerance Hinderer

Looking for a quality new EDC Pocket Knife? Your search might be over… Nearly a year after its introduction the Zero Tolerance Hinderer is still receiving rave reviews–especially the Elmax® model.

Based on Rick’s crave-worthy XM-18, the Zero Tolerance Hinderer is a tank like folder featuring a rapid deploy flipper, G10 front scale, Titanium back scale, and skeletonized titanium frame lock.

For those not familiar with Elmax®, it’s currently the “it” knife steel. Noted for its ability to produce a very fine edge that holds even after being put through some heavy paces. Its the next (3rd to be prices) step in the evolution of S30V, but easier to sharpen and with bettered edge retention. In addition, the Zero Tolerance Hinderer sports their ‘deep-carry’ pocket clip with four mounting options.

At a MSRP of $325.00 it’s not for the faint of wallet (although it can be typically found online for around $260). But with it’s tank like construction and choice powdered steel choices, it is often touted as well worth the price.

Note: Best price online–we could find–was through DLT Trading Co (We have no affiliation and this is not an endorsement. However, we have purchased from them in the past and had a good experience).

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