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Petzle NAO Headlamp

Headlamps have come a long way since the days of a metal concave mirror, leather strap, and a candle. And it would seem–lately–they’ve started to get pretty darn sophisticated (with price tags to match).

Excuse me sir. You might have Wall-E’s EVE on your head…

…ah wait, no. It’s just a headlamp.

I’ve never been shy about voicing my pro headlamp stance. They free your hands and provide much needed conveince in times of need. But could they be more still?

Meet the Petzl NAO headlamp. Aside for it’s looks, the NAO’s most notable feature is it’s hands-free automatically adjusting light intensity. Thus freeing the user from the aggravation of readjusting to:

  • A wide low beam when viewing objects up close.
  • A narrow intense beam when viewing at distances.
And if your feel the need to tinker with the settings, you can download software to modify/tinker with the functionally.

Battery life is rated at 4hrs 40min of use in high reactive mode or 8hrs in low reactive. It does this with included AAA rechargeable lithium ion batters.

For more information:

Petzle NAO Headlamp

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