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ITRH Season 5 Starts August 3rd

The start of ITRH Season 5 is almost here! So I thought I’d drop everyone a quick note…

First, the good news: We are on track and season 5 will start this coming August 3rd. Yes, that’s this coming Monday. (Can you believe the summer break has flow by so fast?)

We’ll be kicking off this season with:

* Alana Barfield — Naked and Afraid XL
* Glenn Tate – Two part episode on the State of the Economic Meltdown
* Scooter – Micro Ranching for Everyone
* Lauren Wilson – Goat Farming, Cheese Making, and Attack Turkeys
* Marshall Hoots – Understanding Bags, Packs, and Boots
* Trenton Kaminski – Complete Rainwater Collection, Filtration, and Purification
* Michael Jordan the Bee Whisperer
* Darrell of – HAM Radio for Two Dummies
* Marshall Lerner – Rifle and Carbine Optics
* Ammo reloading and long-term storage
* Precision rifles

…Just to name a few.

You were thinking that looks an awful lot like a whole ITRH season?

Secretly, we didn’t really take the summer off. As most of you know we launched the ITRH Roving Horde Armada. And once it was up and running we went to work on season 5.

You see there were some changes I wanted to make this season. Which, you’ll find out about on Monday August 3rd starting at 5am Central Time.

However, I will let you all in on one change to ITRH most people won’t find about Monday August 3rd…

Second, the better news: We’re going back to a once a week schedule for the foreseeable future.


I know…

It’s crazy…

But we’ve done it…

And it’s mostly thanks to the much needed financial support of the ITRH Armada. We’re not yet at the goal of making ITRH fully self supporting, but it’s getting there. And this is allowing ITRH to get back to a once a week production schedule.

So make sure your iTunes or Android ITRH Podcast subscription is active.

Till then…

Stay safe and sound,
Reporting from the bridge of the Armada

PS: If you are part of the ITRH Armada, check your member’s area Sunday night at 5pm CST. Surprise! Season 5 starts a little early for you as an extra special thanks for the support this summer ;-)

Plus, there’ll be a new upgrade to the member area. It makes listening to streamable episodes even easier.

PPS: I wasn’t kidding when I said ITRH Season 5 would be reloaded!

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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