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How To Field Dress A Deer

Field Dressing a Deer, or any animal, is a very important skill. It is the process of removing the internal organs and skin from the animal. Once this process is completed, the meat can be harvested by butchering the deer. Taking down food is great, but if you don’t know what to do with it once you have it is a pointless death for the animal.

This is a short article in a series of articles to come dealing with properly dressing and butchering animals. While this may not seem related to Urban Survival, it is part of the larger topic of Survival and an important skill to have.

Tools for cleaning your prey can vary depending on your needs, abilities, and means. Common instruments include: Sharp knife with a 3″-4″ blade, bone saw (hacksaw will do), wench or come-along, hatchet, rubber gloves, trash bag, rope, and string.

In most instances the process is essentially the same from animal to animal. The procedure is pretty straight forward as long as you take care in the task. Special attention should be given to removing the bladder and intestines. If any of the contents of the deer’s bladder or bowls come in contact with the meet, it will be contaminated and would no longer safe for consumption.

Fore more detailed information, watch the video provided.


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