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Friday Stuff 10-08-2010 Zombie Edition

This week we bring you: The LifeSaver water bottle and Jerry cans. What could be more important than the ability to quickly and easily filter water when the Zombie Hordes have knocked out all semblance of civilization taking with it you safe drinking water.

LifeSaver Water Bottle

Water is one of the most basic necessities. Without you can only survive for a couple of days at best. During a Zombie Apocalypse or just your run of the mill natural disaster, water procurement and filtration will be a top priority. The LifeSaver Bottle is one of the best things in survival gear since water proof matches. No pumping, no chemicals, no boiling. Just fill the bottle and let it do it’s thing.

From the Ready Made Resources Website:

There is no longer the need to filter water at the source. With the LIFESAVER bottle you simply scoop and go, then filter on demand. No more foul tasting tablets or chemical cocktails. The LIFESAVER provides sterile drinking water on demand. The LIFESAVER bottle produces sterilized water under pressure allowing it to be used as a wound irrigator or eyewash. The LIFESAVER filters water down to .015 Microns (15 Nanometers), so he cartridge will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens from your water.

Available via: Ready Made Resources

LifeSaver Jerry Can

Need water for the whole troop while fighting off the Zombie Horders? LIfeSaver has introduced a Jerry Can with the same great easy and filtration technology as their Water Bottle.

From the Ready Made Resources Website:

This jerrycan incorporates LIFESAVER’s now famous filtration technology, allowing users to process up to 10,000 liters of clean sterile drinking water without the aid of chemicals. The LIFESAVER® Jerrycan 10000 allows the user to stay out for longer as they are no longer dependent on bottled water and provides a plentiful supply of great tasting sterile drinking water.
LIFESAVER® Jerrycan 10000 ““ up to 10,000 liters

There is also a 2000 that will filter up to 20,000 liters!

Available via: Ready Made Resources

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