Meet the tacticoolest rimfire rifle on the block – the Volquarsten Custom Fusion Take-Down Rifle. Mentioned in Episode 13: Rimfire Rifles of the ITRH Urban Survival Podcast, the Fusion offers the ultimate in compact rimfire rifles. Fully broken down, it fits easily in most backpacks.

Fusion fully assembled (ACOG not included)

The Volquartsen Fusion is the first semi-auto rimfire rifle with quick-change barrels in four different calibers. You can choose between the .17 HMR/.22 WMR model or the .17 Mach 2/.22LR model. When we say “easy” we really mean it. It takes only seconds and requires no tools to switch the barrels and, just that quickly, change calibers. This ingenius design also allows the rifle to be broken down quickly and easily for compact storage.

It’s not just pretty, the Fusion is crafted to high standards.

Fusion Broken Down

The Fusion’s interchangeability is not its only ahead-of-the-art feature. Each component on the Fusion rifle is either CNC machined from billet material or wire EDM cut. Just a first glance tells you this rifle is truly different and that it’s specifically designed for function and practicality. It is, for all intents and purposes, a real “working rifle”, with features that include: Picatinny scope mount machined integral to the receiver and Picatinny mount installed on bottom of shroud.

Not for the faint of wallet, the Fusion will lighten your back pocket by $1,554.00 – $1,807.00 depending on configuration.