What kind of clip board would Batman use? One made of Level II body armor of course.

Bulletproof Clipboard

Bulletproof Clipboard

ThinkGeek is now peddling their new Bulletproof Clipboard for $44.95. Your not going to be deflecting bullets like Wonder Woman, but claims are this clipboard will stop 9mm bullets dead in their tracks like Superman’s chest.

From ThinkGeek:

It can hold paper AND stop a 9mm bullet in its tracks.

Each Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard is a section of Level II body armor, with a clip attached to hold the paper. Level II body armor is tough enough to stop the penetration of 9mm bullets and all those stopped by Level I and Level IIA.


Weighing in at 3Lbs, the Bulletproof Clipboard can also make a handy club to smack your attackers.