Eton Raptor - OrangeThe Eton Raptor ($99) is a survival gadget with lots personalities to offer, “I’m a solar charger, I’m a compass, I’m an altimeter, I’m – I’m…”.

Raptor fills 7 needs in a single ruggedized package:

  • Enhanced monocrystal solar panel
  • LED flashlight
  • Digital Clock with an alarm
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer and thermometer
  • Bottle opener

With a 1800-mAh lithium ion battery and USB port for off loading that stored power to compatible devices, the Monocrystal solar panel promises to keep your gadgets charged. The Raptor also sports a battery meter to let you know how much juice the battery has and a solar charge indicator to inform you the panel is collecting light.

The digitally tuned multiband radio covers Am, FM, and NOAA with weather alerts.