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Exped Ergo Hammock Tent

Exped Ergo Combi Hammock TentFor those of you that like hammock camping today’s gear report features the Exped Ergo Hammock.

I was introduced to hammock camping several years ago. While I still prefer a tent, hammock tents offer a light weight alternative. As a matter of fact I keep one in my truck kit.

Readers still wondering what hammock tents are, it’s just that: A hammock that’s also a tent. They’re great for any environment where you don’t really want to be on the ground. They also have the advantage of being very compact and light weight relative to traditional tents.

From the manufacturer:

The truly one of a kind Exped Ergo Hammock Combi delivers a horizontal sleeping position that simply isn’t possible in traditional hammocks. This complete shelter system includes the hammock, a bug net, rain tarp and hanging kit. Packing down to 18″ x 6.7″ and weighing well under 4 pounds, the Ergo Hammock Combi is a unique, versatile option for technical-oriented backpackers. Though the Ergo Hammock Combi may look intimidating at first glance, its construction actually allows for surprisingly easy set-up. The ground-breaking hammock eliminates the “banana” sleeping position with which many hammock campers are familiar. Instead of struggling to find a comfortable position, you can climb onto the Ergo Hammock and sleep like you would anywhere else. An integrated sleeve even allows you to use a sleeping pad (sold separately) to for greater warmth and comfort. Interior pockets offer a place to store clothes, essentials and small gear items. A mosquito net is included to keep winged pests at bay. The net zippers directly to the hammock to ensure that you remain fully protected. This also allows you to leave the net behind when conditions don’t require its use. The rain tarp suspends easily above the hammock to protect you and the hammock from the elements. Fully taped seams bolster protection and sewn-in guy out points allow for a taut pitch.

At $400 the Exped Ergo Hammock is not cheap, but it is an innovative alternative to other hammock tents already on the market.

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