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E71: TEOTWAWKI Pitfalls

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss their opinions about  TEOTWAWKI. It’s a rebroadcast of Episode 23 and a great episode for new listeners. Even long time listeners will pick up new information from this great older episode.

TEOTWAWKI is such a passionate topic in the community. Focusing on it leads survivalists to focus on improbable survival events though. This isn’t to say they can’t happen–they certainly can.

But what if we set TEOTWAWKI aside and focus on the most likely first? Would we be any less prepared?

Join us as we share our thoughts on…

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Survival Topics:

  • Why Aaron and Jonathan joke about Zombies.
  • The pitfalls of focusing on TEOTWAWKI.
  • The Disaster Probability and Commonality Matrix.
  • Nuclear War
  • Pandemics
  • Solar Flares
  • Fallacies of the Roving Horde.
  • Planning for societal break downs using environmental context.
  • EMPs
  • Red Flags in Survival Articles, Books, and Conversations
    • Referenced material is a related stretch.
    • Using Movies or TV shows to backup a stance on anything other than Movie or TV trivia.
    • Presenting opinions as facts and not referencing hard independent research.
    • Anything that references “the Hordes”.

Survival Resources for the Episode:


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