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E58: Survival Information Junky

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan pose the question: Are you a survival information junkie?

As with many subjects in life, we can become consumed by the pursuit of knowledge. It can be so much so that we never actually take the time to learn about a skill through physical experience.

Physical experience allows us to take our knowledge out of the theoretical and into the practical application. Plus, if you never apply a skill you have never actually learned it.

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  • Active vs Passive pursuit of a survival skill.
  • Gaining experience with a survival skill.
  • Balancing Theoretical Education with Practical Education
  • How passion plays a role.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice


In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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