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E273: Building AKs in 2019 with Jim Fuller

Firearms industry legend Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics joins us. We discuss building AKs and the future of 1940s tech.

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You know Rifle Dynamics if you’re into the AK-47 and AK-74. And if you don’t cotton to them, Jim might be able to change your mind.

The story of Jim Fuller and the AK platform began in the 80s when no one else State Side would touch them. Since then, he’s gone on to not only become a guru of the rifle, he’s even modernized several parts of it. He and his team are even responsible for finally figuring out how to suppress the rifles properly.

After interviewing Jim last year, our understanding and appreciation for the AK were forever changed. Then, in late 2017, we took a road trip out to Las Vegas and spent a weekend building our very own AKs at Rifle Dynamics. Our new affection and knowledge of Kalashnikovs grew more still.

Building AKs with Jim Fuller Topics Discussed:

  • Why Jim is so generous with his time and knowledge about the AK-47 and AK-74
  • What inspired him to take Rifle Dynamics from mom-and-pop to full operation
  • Helping Westerners understand the philosophy and thinking that went into the original design
  • Comparing and contrasting AKs vs. ARs in strategy
  • The difference between target shooting accuracy and fighting accuracy
  • Fully comprehending what it REALLY means when experts say the AK is loose and why that’s a good thing
  • What Jim does NOT like about the original design of the rifle
  • How modernizing the AK-47 and AK-74 has been a challenge
  • Why just learning about building AKs of the internet might be a very bad idea
  • How easy it is to build your own AK
  • Getting to the AK builder’s class
  • How close we are to a full Rifle Dynamics parts weapon build
  • What the future holds for Rifle Dynamics

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