Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss finding a job, keeping a job, and creating a job. On the surface talking about the way  you secure your financial well-being may not sound like a “survival” show topic, but it an extremely important aspect to modern survival.

The H in Survival CHI stands for health. Health is not just about  the physical. It is also your mental and financial health. As all things about Survival CHI are intertwined, if your Financial Health is under attack so too is your physical and mental health.

Working on a new start-up, Jonathan will be calling into the show via Skype and a mobile WiFi hotspot from his temporary residence in Austin. His audio will not be the quality listeners are used to for a while.

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  • How finding a job has changed.
  • Using social networks (Community) – online and off – to find jobs.
  • Understanding your market value.
  • Taking pride in your work.
  • The hard truth about being an entrepreneur.