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E238: Behind the Scenes with the Voice of the Apocalypse

Kevin Pierce - The Voice of the Apocalypse

In this episode, we sit down with voice-over artist Kevin Pierce aka the “Voice of the Apocalypse.” He shares with us how he got started in the business of book narration and eventually became the voice reading most of our favorite post-apocalyptic prepper fiction books to use.

Hiding deep in the bowls of dystopian fiction is something special, terrifying, titling, and even insightful: Prepper fiction. Some say this all started with the book Alas, Babylon. Others say it goes further back to the book Earth Abides. Then the genre slumbered for nearly 60-years only stirring occasionally as the decades rolled on.

But then the money vanished, and the hordes roved in Patriots in 1998. Next, the lights went out, and the hordes roved once more in the book One Second After on March 17th, 2009.

And finally, the match was lit; prepper fiction exploded. Rather than waiting for a decade or two between great stories, we’re now on to the next book as soon as we finish the last.

Sometimes we’re attacked by Zombies. Other times we’re stricken with a sweeping pandemic. Often, we’re taken back to the stone age by an EMP.

Whatever your prepper jam, there seems to be one voice tickling your eardrums in most of the audiobook versions of these books. Its a voice so ubiquitous in the genre your mind is immediately transported as though you’ve just heard some deeply embedded NLP command.

You might know this voice by the name of Kevin Pierce, or you might know him as the Voice of the Apocalypse. You know the sound of his voice well, either way.

But most of us do not know the man behind the voice. Who is he? How did he get his start? And how did he come to be the Voice of the Apocalypse?

Let’s find out…

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Kevin Pierce on Being the Voice of the Apocalypse:

  • How he got his start in TV and Radio
  • His transition to book narration
  • Is he strictly a narrator of prepper fiction?
  • What it takes to be the narrator of more than 330 books
  • How long does it take to produce a typical audiobook?
  • Does he ever turn down books because they’re just not good?
  • That time Kevin played a 13-year-old Vietnamese girl
  • His favorite non-prepper books
  • Does he consider himself a prepper?
  • That time reading all those prepper books paid off
  • How does reading all these dystopian fiction books impact his state of mind
  • How he prepares for reading the books to you
  • The most influential and pivotal moment in his career as a voice-over artist

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