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E219: How to Decide: Night Vision for Preppers

E219: Night Vision for Preppers

Night Vision for preppers: Own the night and see bad things before they can see you. These are the phrases often used to describe the technology for tactical applications. And it’s an enticing premise.

Who wouldn’t want the advantage and superpower of seeing in the dark? It would be a game changer should polite society ever skid out of control.

But many preppers end up with sticker shock as soon as they begin investigating night vision. And is seemingly creates a perceived need out of reach for most.

And most preppers don’t stop to ask if night vision makes sense. It could easily become an expensive toy that sits in a drawer only to be occasionally played with and never pressed into services as a life-saving tool.

So this brings up the question: How do you decide if night vision for preppers makes sense? And what generation is even worth the investment? And then there’s thermal. The mind swirls with indecisiveness.

We’ll clear this up.

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Night Vision for Preppers Topics Discussed:

  • Usable Night Vision Generations
  • Why Gen 1 Sucks
  • Why Autogating is a must for urban applications
  • Thermal Imagining
  • Swooning for SWIR imaging
  • Highbrid Thermal and Night-vision systems
  • Tactical applications and use for night-vision


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