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E209: The CIA Listened to this Episode about Vault 7 WikiLeaks and Domestic Spying

Vault 7 WikiLeaks and Domestic Spying

In this episode, we welcome back Justin Carrol. He’s going to share with us the reality of Vault 7 WikiLeaks domestic skyping info dump. And we answer the question: Is your smart home sending the CIA and NSA pictures of your pepper junk.

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First of all, some argue we’re living in the age of George Orwell’s 1984. Others would claim we are fast approaching Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. But we posit the present and future seems like it will be more like This Perfect Day by Ira Levin.

The reality is domestic spying is here, regardless of what it looks like exactly. And it is being conducted by corporations and government agencies alike, as it turns out.

But, most noteworthy, there are measures you can take to protect yourself. And we discuss all of this in this episode:

Vault 7 WikiLeaks and Domestic Spying Topics Discussed:

  • First, what is the Vault 7 WikiLeaks dump
  • The difference between how Chelsea Manning leaked information and how Edward Snowden leaked information
  • What will other spy agencies do with the WikiLeaks release
  • Is the Vault 7 WikiLeaks release a severe security risk for our country
  • Why does Vault 7 and other leaks matter
  • The real-world limitations of intelligence gather, processing, and domestic spying
  • The real hacking capabilities of the CIA and the implications on your privacy
  • Using out of band communication techniques to protect your confidentiality and tinfoil hat
  • The Utah Data Center status
  • How vulnerable the average person is
  • Basic steps preppers can take to secure their computers and communications
  • Are our smart homes sending the CIA and NSA pictures of our prepper junk
  • Is Google spying on you
  • The DDOS threat from smart home devices
  • The future of domestic spying
  • Why your metadata matters more than you think

Privacy Resources:

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