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E195: How To Survive an EMP and Collapse – Southbound – A Truck Driver’s Story

In this episode, we sit down with Tim Maynard author of Southbound: A Story of Survival. His book explores what it might be like for a truck driving survivalist if you had to survive an EMP and were far from home and your wife.

As a former truck driver himself, Tim brings a unique perspective to the survival discussion. The “over the road” life presents many challenges for a prepper; Storage space is extremely limited, you’re often hundreds to thousands of miles from home, and when disaster strikes you could find yourself in an unfamiliar area.

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Here’s some more about the inspiration for the book:

One night while driving over the road, up and down the east coast for a small trucking company, I selected a show from one of my many survival podcasts. This time it was “In The Rabbit Hole” with Aaron and Jason. Their guest was Glen Tate writer of 299 days, he was talking about his new book. That inspired me to write “SOUTHBOUND”, it was a real adventure to actually put pen to paper and write it, so thank you both “In The Rabbit Hole” and to Glen Tate for the inspiration to step out on a limb and leave my comfort zone. […] I had one rule that helped me keep it believable. I had to have everything that was in the story actually in my truck at the time I started writing it. From the food I had left over in the cooler, water in the jugs and all the survival equipment William started his journey with. The part I really enjoyed about this book was inserting parts of my real life in it. From adventures, I had in my youth to life-changing moments encountering man or mother nature. You know, it only takes a moment to change everything and it’s up to you to decide whether to make that moment change you for the better or allow it to destroy you. (WOW, that’s deep..SORRY)

Southbound Discussed with Tim:

  • How does the book start?
  • What is Southbound about?
  • Write a book while on the road?
  • Tim shares his writer’s “flow state”?
  • How do truckers prepare with limited space?ree
  • Calculating how long it would take the main character to walk home?
  • What’s the best $100 Tim ever spent on survival?
  • What’s his go-to long gun?


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In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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