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E165: Apocalypse Survival Training with Sam Coffman

In this episode we sit down with Sam Coffman, founder of The Human path. We’re going to discuss going beyond first aid, his survival school, and herbal medicine without the nonsense.

Sam is known for running one of the most respected survival, emergency wilderness medicine, and herbal medicine schools in the country. But he’s definately not what you’d expect from someone involved with herbal medicine. He’s a no nonsense straight shooting kind of guy who lays it all out for us today.

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Topcs Discussed:

  • Who is Sam Coffman and how did he get into herbal medicine?
  • What is he trying to accomplish with his survival school the human path?
  • How do martial arts and medicine coexist and intertwine
  • Are there formal schools for herbal medicine?
  • What is the real history of the medical and pharmacology?
  • How did herbalism devolve into woowoo silliness for a number of years?
  • What is alopathy?
  • Does herbal medicine actually work and in what instances?
  • When is conventional medcine the right choice over herbal medicine?
  • What is the correct perspective in which to understand herbal medicine?
  • What’s the difference between ditch medicine, wilderness emergency medicine, and herbal medicine?
  • In a grid down situation, how much can actually be accomplished medically speaking with herbal medicine?
  • Going beyond first aid, where should preppers start getting trained in emergency medicine and herbal medicine?
  • The Human Path goes way beyond medicine. What other survival courses are taught?
  • What are the three most important things preppers need to focus on when it comes to emergency medicine?

Special annoucement #1: ITRH Book Club

You’re about to start getting two episodes a week starting April 27th. ITRH is very proud and excited to share with y’all the new ITRH Book club.

These new weekly Wednesday episodes will feature an author and one of their books. We’ll sit down and disscuss who they are, what their books is about, and why you should consider reading it.

Some will be straight how-to survival books, but most will be dystopian and apocolypitic fiction. Which, I know most of you are huge fans of.

And your fist Book Club episode features Chris Weatherman aka Angery American. He’s the author of the Surviving Home series of books. There will also be a special offer to get a free audio book.

Special Annoucement #2: Summer Break

Now ITRH also about to go on summer break. This season will end May 25th.

Since the ITRH summer shorts were so well received last summer we’re going to do those again. So you won’t be left without any ITRH episodeds during the summer. They’ll just be short 7 to 15 minute episodes probably on the order of every 3 weeks.

For those that are new hear and don’t know what the summer shorts are all about I’ll explain quickly. Hear goes:

ITRH goes on break for a few months every summer. But we don’t go totally off the air. You’ll get short episodes on a less frequent basis of one every two to three weeks. Then we’ll be back August 1st.

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Aaron Hagedorn

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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