In this episode, we welcome back Garry of Guns over Texas. He’s going to share with us a big load from his 13-inch black rifle and tales of well-lubricated prom queens.

We’ll be getting to the bottom of choosing a 30 caliber rifle that’s right for you and other double barreled entendres.

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Some of the 30 Caliber Rifle topics discussed:

  • What’s the difference between 308 Win and 308 Nato?
  • Why did Aaron end up with an FN FAL?
  • How did you come to fall in love with the FN FAL?
  • What makes the FN FAL so great?
  • Why would you make an FAL an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)?
  • What’s the minimum safe barrel length of an FAL?
  • How do you get optics on an FN FAL?
  • Other 308 Semi-auto rifle options…
    • Springfield M1A?
    • FN SCAR 17?
    • LWRC R.E.P.R.?
    • Knights Armament SR 25?
    • LaRue Tactical?
  • 308 30 caliber semi?
  • automatic rifle options?
  • How does the 308 stacks up to the AK and when does makes sense?
  • How does it compare to the 300 Blackout?
  • What are three gun competitions?
  • Why would anyone want to do three gun matches?
  • What rifles, shotguns, and handguns are popular for three gun.?