In this episode, your host Aaron expands on the sheepdog, liberty, and mission perversion.

Mission Perversion is when the spirit and intent of a mission get distorted.

Think of it this way:

  • A person finds a genie lamp and rubs it
  • The genie pops out and says to the person they get three wishes
  • The person asks for a million bucks
  • Next thing they know they’re being trampled to death by one million male deer

So join Aaron as he dives into the topic…

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Note: This episode will seem random if you don’t first listen to E129: Being a Good Shepherd. While this is intended to be a self-contained episode, it’ll make a lot more sense if you

  • Understand the metaphors
  • Why we’re using them
  • And where this is going

We could also use the example of the Will Smith movie: I, Robot

(Not to be confused with the vacuum cleaner.)

The AI goes rogue because of a mission perversion to protect and serve humanity. It ends up concluding that humanity is it’s own worse enemy and seeks to sequester all human freedom.

And that protection even means killing certain humans it deems as standing in opposition. After all, anything that is in opposing is by its very nature standing in the way of the goal: protecting humanity.

What we have with our Sheepdogs, and ourselves is Mission Perversion.

We have a political system that has deemed us sheep instead of Shepherds.

We have a law enforcement system that has deemed us sheep instead of Shepherds.

Listen now to hear the rest.

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