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E106: Sailing for Survivalists Part 1

In this episode, Aaron interviews a listener about sailing.

As many of you know, sailing has recently become a new topic on the show. So when a long time sailor and listener offered to come on and tell us all about it, we jumped at the chance.

Sailing for preppers might come pretty naturally. You have a house and bug out vehicle in one. The freedom to pull up anchor and go whenever you choose. Plus, food and water storage, self-reliance, and DYI projects come naturally to us, naturally.

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Join us as we discuss:

  • Mono-hull vs. Catamarans
  • Buying a boat
  • Learning to sail.
  • Food storage on a boat.
  • Water storage and production on a boat
  • Living aboard a sailboat
  • Guns and boating internationally
  • Keeping a dog on a boat

Note: This is part one of what will be a two-part series.

Resources from this episode:

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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